Top 10 Multinational Companies In India 2024

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1. Here is our list of Top 10 Multinational Companies In India 2024:

1.1 Microsoft

Microsoft, a multinational technology giant, boasts its largest software development center outside its Washington headquarters in Hyderabad, with offices in 11 cities including Ahmedabad, Kolkata, and Mumbai. Established in India since 1990, Microsoft employs over 20,000 Indians across various departments. Led by Indian-American Satya Nadela, it spearheads India’s AI transformation, contributing INR 19,229.4 crore from service sales in 2022-23.

1.2 Google

Google, a prominent internet search engine, scours the web for content relevant to user queries. With offices in Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Gurgaon, Google has a significant presence in India. Indians reportedly make up 12% of Google’s global workforce. In 2022-23, Google India generated INR 28,040 crore in gross ad revenue. Revenue streams include IT services, advertising space rental and sales, and enterprise software. As one of India’s largest multinational companies, Google continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the country’s digital landscape.

1.3 IBM

Based in New York, IBM (International Business Machines Corporation) is a global technology powerhouse with a vast network of 19 research facilities spanning multiple countries. Renowned as the world’s largest industrial research organization, IBM boasts over 15 facilities in India alone, underscoring its significant presence and impact in the country. With a substantial workforce in India, IBM stands as one of the largest IT multinational corporations, drawing top talent and driving innovation. Its market capitalization, currently standing at approximately USD 153.49 billion, reflects IBM’s enduring influence and position as a leader in the tech industry.

1.4 Apple

Apple, the renowned American multinational corporation based in California, held the top position in revenue in 2022, amassing an impressive USD 394.3 billion. Expanding its global footprint, Apple inaugurated a state-of-the-art 15-storey office building in Bengaluru, a testament to its commitment to the Indian market. With approximately 3,000 employees spread across Mumbai, Hyderabad, Gurugram, and Bengaluru, Apple continues to strengthen its presence in India. Bolstering its market dominance, Apple boasts a staggering market capitalization of approximately USD 2.63 trillion. Notably, Counterpoint Research recognized Apple as the leading player in India’s smartphone market by revenue in 2023, further solidifying its position as an industry frontrunner.

1.5 Amazon

Amazon, a multinational technology conglomerate, operates in various sectors including e-commerce, digital streaming, cloud computing, online advertising, and artificial intelligence. With a market capitalization of USD 1.88 trillion, it has emerged as a significant job creator in India. Amid the pandemic, Amazon thrived as an e-commerce giant providing essential goods and an entertainment provider, catering to diverse needs of individuals stuck at home.

1.6 Samsung

This South Korean company entered the electronics industry in the late 19660s. Running its operations in around 80 companies, it dabbles in a range of domains from financial services, consumer electronics, construction, shipbuilding and medical services. Samsung has a range of affiliates from Samsung Electronics, Samsung Biologics, Samsung Engineering, Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance and more making it one of the biggest Multinational Companies in the world. Samsung India provides employment to about 7,000 people. Samsung is the leader in India’s smartphone market during the year 2023, according to CyberMedia Research.

1.7 Unilever

Unilever, a renowned British multinational corporation, operates in India under the banner of Hindustan Unilever (HUL). HUL stands tall as a global leader in supplying Food, Home Care, Personal Care, and Refreshment products. With a turnover of Rs 59,579 crore in FY 2023-24, HUL has cemented its position as one of India’s largest companies. With a legacy spanning 90 years, HUL boasts a vast network of over 3,500 distributors and employs over 21,000 individuals nationwide, solidifying its stature as an industry titan in the country

1.8 Walmart

Walmart, headquartered in Arkansas, USA, is a renowned multinational retail giant. With a vast network of supercenters, discount department stores, and grocery outlets, Walmart has secured its position as a global leader in the retail industry. Notably, it claimed the top spot as the world’s largest company by revenue in October 2022, as reported by Fortune Global 500. In India, Walmart boasts a workforce of over 10,000 employees, solidifying its status as one of the country’s largest multinational corporations. Furthermore, India serves as Walmart’s largest tech center, highlighting its significant presence and investment in the country’s burgeoning technology sector. With a market capitalization of USD 482.42 Billion, Walmart continues to exemplify excellence and innovation in the retail landscape on a global scale.

1.9 Coca Cola

Coca-Cola, an American multinational corporation, is a key player in the production, distribution, and marketing of non-alcoholic beverage concentrates, syrups, and alcoholic beverages worldwide. In India, Coca-Cola commands a significant presence and is recognized as one of the nation’s foremost beverage companies. India ranks as the fifth largest market for Coca-Cola globally. With a robust market capitalization of USD 267.47 billion, Coca-Cola stands as a prominent leader among multinational beverage corporations operating in India.

1.10 Nestle

Nestle, a renowned Swiss multinational corporation, specializes in food and beverage processing, boasting the title of the largest publicly held food company globally in terms of revenue. In India, Nestle operates through its subsidiary, Nestle India Limited, headquartered in Gurgaon, Haryana. With nine manufacturing facilities spanning Punjab, Haryana, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Goa, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, and Gujarat, Nestle plays a significant role in India’s food industry. Employing approximately 8,069 individuals, Nestle’s market capitalization in India stands impressively at INR 2.44 trillion.


India’s vast potential offers Multinational Companies (MNCs) lucrative opportunities for market expansion, backed by a reliable consumer base and skilled workforce. Renowned for its abundant resources, India continues to attract MNCs seeking growth avenues. This influx paves the way for increased employment opportunities, investment inflows, and infrastructural development, enriching the landscape for Indian citizens.